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House B:  3 bedrooms En-Suit, home office


PLOT AREA – 320.0 sq.m. 

VILLA AREA - 285.0 sq.m.

GREEN / GARDEN AREA - 242.0 sq.m.

  • 3 bedrooms En-Suit

  • 51.0 sq.m. Living room

  • 1 car garage & 1 parking

  • Pool - 37 sq.m.

  • Home Office 

  • BBQ area



   The key design direction is the creation of a functional home for a healthy and fulfilling life in a rapidly changing world. Tara House is space-oriented to the sides of the world, taking into account the climate and the direction of the prevailing winds. The Tara house is more like a mechanism, integrated and working together with nature for the benefit of man.
  This house is perfect for permanent living as well as a long and short-term rental. It can also be used for renting a business (for example, a company office, etc.). But first of all, It is a space for a modern family, which takes into account the needs of all family members for a full and healthy life.
Tara House flexibly withstands lockdown periods and provides a great standard of living for all family members, while simultaneously integrating and giving its own space for each individual. The line between the inside and outside is erased, so the Living area has a green area on both sides with private gardens, natural light, cooling, and ventilation. 

Tara House includes a Spacious, open-plan living room with kitchen, island, dining, and family areas with a total area of 50 sq.m. and access to a barbecue area. 

3 bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms and the master bedroom additionally has a deck area.
Separate premises are provided for each family member, such as an office with a separate entrance from the parking lot, with its own toilet and a private garden. This feature is in high demand nowadays and is also ideal for a home rented in a tropical paradise for remote work. 



tara b 1st floor.jpg


tara b 2nd floor plan.jpg

  Tara House Samui specially designed for flat land and easily can be integrated into existing or new residential infrastructure as well as adopted to any dwelling demands.    It is a great example of healthy living and family growth!
   The ecological design of the Natural - Precrafted Product from A-MDM Shanghai, represented by the main creator Mikhail Povstanyuk, appeared as a response to the problem of mass production, harmful to the environment and inattentive to the needs of a real person.
   Responsibility to the environment, naturalness, and uniqueness has made our eco-design product a mega-popular trend. Labels “100% Natural”, “eco-friendly”, “green” attract the attention of buyers who care about their health and do not want to participate in the pollution of the planet. Connecting with nature is becoming a fashion, and being “green” - conscious and ethical about nature - has long been considered good taste for urban dwellers. However, Eco is not only fashion. 
   First and foremost, our ecological design product contributes to the restoration of our contact with nature, because in most cities, and especially in megalopolises, very little space is allocated to nature. Our Sustainable Product Design strives to provide people with as much opportunity as possible to get in touch with nature.
In our ecological Pre-Craft construction, the original landscape is deliberately left intact: the building is “inscribed” into the existing natural form. This approach provides users with the opportunity to feel inside the ecosystem; also, significant savings are possible through the use of water or wind energy. 


The Pre-Craft Natural Home product was created taking into account all the requirements of a person at this time and will reflect the construction of cities and towns in the future.

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